May 15, 2012
By GraceObot BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
GraceObot BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
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How do I remember the times I couldn’t remember that I remembered?
The minute you first laid your eyes on me caused my heart a melt,
First touch you gave that made the bond,
Days and days went by but you remained,
Time betrayed but you withheld,
Friends had changed but you the same;
From start of time to here you are,
Despite the times we had our fights;
You stood by love to make it right.
The love I had, looked passed it all,
For deep in your heart it remained.
To myself I thought,
The stars trapped in the sky was I to you,
You wiped away the tears that had me chained,
Even an earthquake could not bring us down,
The tie we had was heaven sent.
Your smile, oh… your smile;
It triggers and this I know,
My feeling race deeper and deeper;
For you I love
And my heart you’ve taken,
Everything to you I’ve given,
And pray your hand not shaken
To hold it on forever,
It takes more than hugs and kisses
For you knew and more you did,
Devotion, care, and affection you showed
And the journey; never ending road of roses,
Wondered! When shall it fade?
But on you held like a rock.

You depart
Wish the feelings I had ca be felt to refill the moment of how I’m feeling.
The lies, the fights, the cries,
My life you crushed and heart you shred
My soul you poisoned with lust
To you I blindly gave my body.
I sold to you my soul and love,
But now you race afar the love you bought
The times you held my hands,
Swore never to leave me;
The times you said I was your first and last
The good deeds you bath me with.
Thought you be the only star in my sky,
But nay, so wrong was I
For you be as the gardener who his most fruitful flower lets he to die with no regrets,
For such a gardener be unworthy to till.

Not the life who claims the best
Of all must light in them be seen?
Although I breathe the same air,
The worst I do untamed it be
And family regrets they make of me,
For groomed from birth should reap them good
But nay, I choose the way it fits me live
To live the life I best enjoy.
At times I wonder if I be love?
Nay, at times the answer it be
For if I be a man on earth,
The least I love it will be me.

Myriad (countless)
My weakness you know it all,
my joy, you feel it all,
My sadness you sense it right,
The times I didn’t have to say a word;
The times I faked it, just to feel good
Times I stayed awake at nights to think it through,
Although my mind, too weak to fix it all;
Your fortitude procures me through.
I’ve passed through many excursions
But this I know the road ends.
Don’t see my life afar from you,
Cos you and me is water and life
For these two unite,
So are you and I
For what I am will be worthless without you.

Best love
Love me not,
Why do the love me still?
The pain, deceit I’ve caused you,
Regardless you still returned
Don’t you hear other rain drops?
Don’t you see other fishes in the sea?
Most would appreciate the love that stays.
This love I’m scared to take,
A gift I can’t unwrap;
It scares me how you feel,
You would do anything to be with me;
I know it’s true,
It’s the way you talk,
It’s the look in your eyes,
the sound of your heart beat;
So much affection, passion,
It’s so sad
I feel not the same way.
I wish to but my love has already been sold out,
No more to give out,
Wish time would restart,
And my love refilled out.

My music
Let me tell my story with music;
Music of love for every heart beat of mine,
Music of passion for all the love I’ve given out,
Music of trust for the heart that got broken,
Music of sadness when I couldn’t smile,
Music is mine to tell it all;
Music is strength so I live it up,
Music is my soul,
The tone replaced my words,
Melody to carry me through the times,
Different beats to balance my mode.

With you
When I’m with you, I feel peace
When I’m with you, I feel joy
This thing inside that makes my nerve jump,
It’s the feeling that makes my heart flip
The touch that makes my skin dance,
The care that makes my eye drip,
The love, it’s so tender that it sinks in my soul,
It lives in my heart, it owns my body,
It regulates my blood stream,
It pumps the air in me with zeal.

Vile love
Reserve the time we had in verses
Recall the touch we had in cluster
Reveal the lies you spoke in fame
The make known feelings you forged,
The sun bloomed in you and conveyed your deceit,
This, the life you flock with,
The hearts you struck.

Its Emotions
Have you ever had that love that you wished would last forever?
Have you ever had that feeling that drives you to do anything for the one you loved?
Times you wished you had him forever,
Times you prayed for him to be the right one,
Even when you knew he caused you pain you stood by him.
Even when your eyes showed you the deceit,
Your heart was still convinced with passion,
It was just the password he had that could open any part of my passion,
The automatic key that could unlock my heart without even trying,
The words that could calm my mind without even uttering,
Those hands that suave smooth on my skin to make me feel better.
It’s all the emotions I had for you.

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