Family Slam

May 14, 2012
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What a beautiful family portrait,
Smiles spread miles wide.?
We’ll frame it and display it proudly,
Because it’s the reality that we need to hide.

Nostalgic thoughts for normal days,
A time when achievements received some praise,
When parents shared a loving gaze ...
Well moments like those are just a haze.

Now this caring family,
only seem to fill me with fright.
Although they keep saying,
It’s not my battle to fight.

Shouldn’t family be there for you,
with a warm loving embrace?
to wipe the tears from your face?
Or to just hire someone for you to converse with.

“She’ll know what to say,
She’ll help you stop feeling this way”
No she won’t.
She’ll take up an hour of my day,
And I’ll come home to this typical teenage cliche.

Where the parents blame the kids,
And the kids did nothing wrong,
And they scream and they fight,
And the day moves along.

Nothing gets different,
there will be no change.
All these fights will grow bigger,
But that won’t seem strange.

It really is such a well scripted performance,
To depict such a perfect family of four.
But no one knows what really goes on,
Behind that lovely suburban front door.

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