The Breakup with Mono

May 14, 2012
By MissKennedy BRONZE, Richland, Washington
MissKennedy BRONZE, Richland, Washington
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Dear Mononucleosis
How dare you infect me
I Didn’t kiss anyone and
Nobody kissed thee

Dear Mononucleosis
Im tired all the time
I was about to graduate
Now I’m falling far behind

Dear Mononucleosis
My swollen spleen hurts
I feel dizzy, immensely so
If I fall, my spleen might burst

Dear mononucleosis
I’ll be stuck with you for months?!?!?!
You better pack up and leave already
As I cant deal with all your stunts

So Mononucleosis
I know your attached to me
I just want to be a normal human
And so you should let me be

Goodbye mononucleosis,
It wasn’t all that fun.
Our fights were overrated
But atleast I might have won!

The author's comments:
I just recently got Mono, and i cant wait til it goes away, so i wrote this poem to encourage myself to keep going. Even though i feel horrible now, it will go away eventually.

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