May 16, 2012
By ALEXANDRA_90210 BRONZE, Can&#39t Give That, Other
ALEXANDRA_90210 BRONZE, Can&#39t Give That, Other
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There she was
Sitting as if everything was normal
Smiling happily without a cause
My death was one that was very formal

She killed me by taking away my breath
Although i was the one who did it
The things she used to say and do made my death
Rumor says that i killed myself that is no myth

Here's how the story goes
She would torture, hurt and abuse me
Physically, mentally and emotionally
These things that happened to me nobody knows

For i kept it a secret all these years
since being laughed at and no one believing me is what are my fears
Tried to kill myself a million times
But i just didn't have the strength to commit those crimes

Until One day i did what seemed right
I suffocated myself during the night
If you ask me why i did it
I would say that i couldn't take it anymore and killing myself seemed fit

She was the cause of my death
If she didn't do all those thins i wouldn't fret
i f you wanted to know how it felt like being the cause of losing some one's life
Ask my sister for she figuratively pierced my heart with a knife

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