May 16, 2012
By King_Stannis BRONZE, Greencastke, Pennsylvania
King_Stannis BRONZE, Greencastke, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"The night is dark, and full of terrors."

Ancient, Unburdened, Unbound.
An expanse grander than mind can fathom.
How long was She free of our influence? Our touch?
Millennia? Days? Only Faith may say.
She was here before, and shall be here after.
That much is certain.
Yet still, we fleeting seconds on the cosmic clock,
Would dare to claim Her, would dare to shape Her.
Arrogance in its purest form!
We shed blood over the lines kings draw,
And eradicate species to satiate our endless gluttony.
What does it achieve?
In Her shadow, our accomplishments are dust:
Seven Hills couldn’t save the Eternal City,
The New World escaped the grip of the Old,
The sun that rose in war set in fire,
And still She persists,
Beholden to no reckless speck of mortality.

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