May 15, 2012
“I wish I was in high school.” He said
I looked at him and laughed.
High school is full of drama, bullies, and homework.
You don’t get a break.
Wake up at six, make your own breakfast.
Your mommy doesn’t do it anymore.

Hustle from class to class and
Pray to God you don’t get stuck behind that slow walker.
Remember those single files lines?
That’s a joke.

It’s like you’re at the zoo
Wild animals set apart in groups.
Popular people, teacher’s pets, band geeks.
You can only be in one.

Homework is no longer a couple problems,
It consumes your life.
Hanging with friends is long gone.
Homework comes first.

High school shouldn’t be one’s wish,
Instead it should be the thing you dread the most.

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