Can He

May 15, 2012
By Katlyn.T SILVER, Marysville, California
Katlyn.T SILVER, Marysville, California
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heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a women scorned

i will get him to crack
hes like a puzzle that im putting together little by little
can he open up
will he open up
why is he so closed
what hurt this boy
what closed him up
under his surface is there dynamite
is there something unexpected
someone worth staying with someone worth sticking around to see what happens
can this boy be my man can he be my future
can he be my knight in shining armor
my tall, dark, and handsome
my fairy tale come true
can he be the end of my trouble
the beginning of my happiness
can he be my season
or is he ever changing
but the real question is can he crack my shell
the thick layer protecting my heart
for me to crack him does he have to crack me
or maybe we don't belong together
maybe its just a waste
but can this boy be so wrong hes right
is he the beginning to a happy ending

The author's comments:
thinking of a boy and trying to figure out what will happen. if anything will ever happen

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