A Painful Passion

May 15, 2012
By Anonymous

The ravenous hunger of helplessness
Is enough to kill a man.
The sick torment of unsatisfied love
And passion
Swells inside me like a calloused pair of murderous hands.
The brightest, most charismatic star,
The one around which I revolve,
Is oblivious to its dictation over my life.
Yes, it dictates,
But not in a way repressive, rather,
Positively influential.
Yet all the same, I cannot help
The direction onto which
Its own radiance guides me.
My soul laments my own inability
To grasp such incomprehensible beauty.
My heart scratches like a caged animal,
Begging and crying
To obtain the object so close and yet
So out of reach.
So saddening
Vexes to the core,
Along with the need and crave for worthiness
Of this iridescent figure.
Helpless to my own overpowering strength of passion,
I am so sorrowful
And so thankful.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by Anna Akhmatova's form of poetry called "acmeism." Acmeism is all about focusing on the "here and now," no escaping and no excuses. Acmeism is vivid and descriptive when it comes to concrete imagery and is used simply as a way to cope with the situations around you, to "look at the world with fresh eyes."

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