If Only

May 15, 2012
By Anonymous

If only
I existed in your mind
Wide sea eyes
Shining in your presence
Perfection at its best
You do not know it
I am
In love with you

If only
I existed in your mind
Day or night I would give a fight
Only for you
Nothing compared to what I could be

If only
You knew who I was
Pale skin
Bright eyes
Two left feet
The girl who wants you
But you’re in love with her
The girl I call a nuisance
She can't treat you right
If only
You could see the way you walk
Ruler of all
In my eyes
You’re the best
In such a flawless way
Nothing worse

If only
You knew my name

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece from experience, and I feel that other teens could relate to it. My inspiration was meeting somebody on my first day of 9th grade. The person still doesn't know my name.

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