Into a World

May 15, 2012
I am shattered and shaken,
My defenses were made no more.
Now the world is no longer mine!
It never was.
Innocence ripped from mother’s skirts,
Tossed into a labyrinth,
With an unthinkable end.
The control has slipped from my palms
The world exploded
As life and everything slows,
Drunk on itself,
It becomes too much,
The walls sliding closer.
The magic is gone to a darkened sky,
And with the invading night comes sleep.

In this sleep is where dreams come.
Creatures of imagination come to life.
I am a mere guest in the world,
I explore.
Finding the mythos and culture;
Defining it!
This land is truly not mine,
For its own gods have shaped it,
But I created it,
Forging it from the steel of my imagination,
And handing it over to the mind’s river,
Filled and populated,
And so its history and cultures branch,
From the start I have given it.
And I am a mere spectator.
I awaken from the escape
Into a world that is not mine.

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