These Words That Bind Me

May 15, 2012
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If I could break free
Of these words that bind me
I would tell you that you were worth something
And your life wasn’t lived for nothing
Someone knew you who cared
From the beginning, equal feelings were shared
And as I stand here crying
I know I will not stop trying
Because of the stories you told
And of this cold hand I hold
Don’t you worry
And don’t you feel sorry
The colors of the sunset
And the eyes of the people I have met
Remind me each and everyday
Of the promises you used to say
And I hope to join you someday soon
In the light of the blue moon
But until that time comes
I must live my life until this feeling numbs
And when my soul has gone and flown
I know I won’t be alone
Because as I fly the open divide
I know you’ll be there to be my guide

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