I dont hear

May 15, 2012
I Don’t Hear Cars driving
By, I don't hear the rain
That’s supposed to hit my window,
Silence all around me,
I can hear my breath
I sleep in silence,
I don’t hear my TV even
Though didn't turn it off,
Not one movement in my room,

Silence and sleep I need, I don't hear my baby sister
I don't hear my mom talking to my dad about bills,
Maybe I’ll sleep some more for one thrill but still I lay still,
I don't hear someone opening and closing the door,

I don’t here, “Don’t touch my stuff dummy”
From my sister,
In and out, in and out, in and out,
Everything rest in place,
Until my alarm clock goes off in the morning,

I don’t hear my mom and Dad Screaming the small stuff,
Don’t hear you,
Don’t hear me,
Don’t want to hear anything,
I will stay still just for one thrill
Maybe just one more thrill but I just won’t take another sleeping pill,
Because I’m already sleep and staying still.

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