love poem

May 5, 2012
By ctcool BRONZE, Birmingham, Michigan
ctcool BRONZE, Birmingham, Michigan
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she walks alone in a passionate moonlight
unaware of her surroundings in the quiet night
the stories she heard when she was a little girl
the scary tales of monsters that shook her world
a slight easy breeze passes her by
as she remains calm and lets out a sigh
just down the stony road a lake sits near
with a bench for 2 she sits down without fear
the stars twinkle while the moon beams hard on earth
a rare sight such beauty has not been seen since birth
there's a stillness in the air as night falls dead
the waves become calm as as the trees go to bed
the poor dear is tired and must go to sleep
for in the morning she has a job to keep
a tear escapes her eye for she has worked hard
in the tough forces of labor where she was scarred
from behind an angel appears and closes in
he has come to save her and be her true friend
do not cry for there is a story to be told
of a courageous woman who was fearful and bold
she kept her head high and her heart strong
dedicated her energy and stayed away from any wrong
she will live a good life for a reward is on the way
until then keep moving forward every single day

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