The Catch

May 14, 2012
By fishingboy BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
fishingboy BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
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“Oh my,” I shouted in joy
This fish is one BIG boy
The fish jumped and flipped
It pulled so hard I could have tripped
It fought and fought and fought
I was surprised at what I had caught
I had gotten the fish all the way in
And then it decided to swim away again
I continued to fight for what seemed like an hour
Then the fish jumped again, and gave me a shower
Finally, the fish was near
And I grabbed it before it could run like a scared deer

I was amazed at the great catch
Then a man came by with his dog playing fetch
The man exclaimed, “Is that a shark”
So I chuckled at the silly remark
Later I asked the man to take a photo
He asked me what I caught it on, and I said a Gary Yamamoto
Well, the time came for me to put it back
And the fish hit the water with a thwack

Man, what a day
I said as I waked away
“Oh my,” I hollered in joy
That fish was one BIG boy

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