The Yellow Shirt

May 14, 2012
By ConBrioAlFine SILVER, Austin, Texas
ConBrioAlFine SILVER, Austin, Texas
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The shirt
hung off his swimmer's build
in a nice way

Maybe it's because
few people are daring enough
to wear the color yellow
that the shirt caught my eye -
I'll never know for certain

It's those
who don't even consider of dawning Canary
or Flax
a risk
those who never had a thought
of yellow being a fashion gamble
that can actually pull it off

Maybe it received a second glance
because it was simply comforting to see
even though
so much had happened between us
even though
would never be the same as it was
the morning they met in the dining hall
over under cooked eggs
and two percent
saturated with sugar
sitting thick at the bottom of the bowl
he was still
the same boy
and maybe I
was the same girl

The shirt
made me feel
like I knew him
like I really knew him
or perhaps
if I didn't
that was okay too

It was comfortable to look at
Like overcast skies
or flannel PJ pants
or thoroughly thumbed
pages of time-nibbled books

In that moment
as I considered him
through the screen of my laptop -
about the comedy sketch
he was fixing to play for me
his eyes resting on the corner of my screen
as he waded through YouTube results,
with the fantastic school bus shirt
shifting across his shoulders,
Everything was going to be okay.

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