Reallly Don't Know What to Title This As

May 14, 2012
By btbdrummer BRONZE, Edison, New Jersey
btbdrummer BRONZE, Edison, New Jersey
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Words continue to escape my thoughts, leaving my consciousness so utterly distraught. I can't make sense of the things you say; it's as if my mind is beginning to decay. Life keeps moving before my eyes, even though I've made no forward strides. It's as if I keep moving straight back judging by the emotion that my heart now lacks. I have no use for guises when I'm left to my own demonic devices. Who I am is what you don't see, cause my thoughts are misguided and cannot run free. So they remain caged deep inside. When they're released, there's no where to hide. They stay bonded with cold, hard chains, which only adds to my constant mental strain.

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