I Remember

May 14, 2012
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Looking up, I see your hair—

the unruly mess of yellow curls.

I remember my fingers felt

when they were tangled up.

Looking down, I see your shoes—

those gray low-tops you never take off.

I remember when you told me

you would never buy a pair.

You raise your hand to answer—

so much bigger than mine.

I remember how my heart fluttered

when you wrapped it around mine.

You answer the question—

your voice soft but strong.

I remember when the words

were to me, were, “I love you.”

You look over at the board—

eyes as green as ever.

I remember when I stared into them

and you stared into mine

You chew on your lower lip—

carefully, deliberately.

I remember how soft they were

pressed up against mine.

The final bell rings—

we go our separate ways.

You vanish into the crowd,

I go home alone.

I remember.

I miss you.

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