It's Love

May 14, 2012
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I want a protector, who could lay down his life for me.
I want a best friend, who I could share secrets with.
I want a person who I could confide in.
I want a teddy bear that could keep his loyalty to me.
Someone that can hold me in a tight embrace.
I want someone who could cry with me, so I never have to cry alone.
Someone who can let me pour my heart out into theirs.
Someone who could melt me with their touch.
Someone who would accepts my flaws and all.
I want someone who would make me feel important.
Someone who misses me when I am gone
I want him to make me his world.
For him to feel what I feel.
Someone who could make my dreams into reality.
I want someone to pray with me, and bring me closer to GOD !!!

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