The Girl Behind the Mound

May 5, 2012
By vanessa13063 BRONZE, French Lick, Indiana
vanessa13063 BRONZE, French Lick, Indiana
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The dead march ahead,
But she hides behind a mound
A wooden barrier is all that protects her from being found.

Their soulless eyes burn bright,
As they walk ahead on
Trudging through the darkness as it swallows the dawn.

Their eyes are hungry, as they smell her soul’s essence.Her breath accelerates when they discover her presence.

Darkness swallows her as she whispers her final prayer;when morning comes she will no longer be there.

The dawn spreads its wings,
But dark clouds billow down,
Crying their grieving tears
For the stolen soul that will never again be found.

Days pass ahead
She’s buried in the ground
And they cry silent tears
For the girl behind the mound.

The author's comments:
To explore the complexity of death and being alone.

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