A Place I Call Home

May 5, 2012
By Vanessa Alvarado BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Vanessa Alvarado BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Clothes and papers all over the floors

Having a list taped to my fridge full of chores.

Getting yelled at because I forgot to set the table
Knowing I rather watch TV which has cable.
Slamming the door as I enter my room
I better watch out cause here comes my mom with the broom.
Whack! Goes the broom against my head
Once she leaves, I thank god I’m not dead.
I have such a bad headache is causes confusion
I see my pencils start dancing what an illusion.
Homework time has come
Ohh wait I forgot how to add to find the sum.
It doesn’t matter
I’ll just find a nerd to flatter.
Now that I’m done
It’s time to hurry up and quickly run.
Time to watch my favorite show
Which is staring Jim Crow.
Grabbing a box full of tissue
Knowing my mom will cry, gosh what an issue.
Now that it’s time go to sleep
I realized my parents are so cheap.
These beds feel like rocks
Might as well be sleeping on blocks.
You may think my home is bad
Take a quick look at the newspaper ad.
Kids frantically running away from a place they call home
Because of a fight over a comb.
My home isn’t as bad you think
There are parents out there who leave their kids to go out and drink.
Bet their homes are full of bacterial
So I suggest you shut up and have a bowl of cereal.

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