When They Broke You From Your Body

May 4, 2012
By Crimsyn GOLD, Simpsonville, South Carolina
Crimsyn GOLD, Simpsonville, South Carolina
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when they broke you from your body
you fell and traipsed through
snowy old days
flavoring the pages of lost times
all alone in your mind

cut across, skinned knives and knees
taper your chest and legs
you don’t remember,
the bashful light
of children left in lonely days
and open book coffee-stains

but because they felt your heart
you’re sleeping in a darkened room
velvet sheets and tempered glass
your gathered bloody bones
crystal stemmed and rose

and they paced the corridor
the friends of flavored past
extravagance and elegance
pasted over bubbly steps and

later you thought about the lie
of felted clouds and skies
peeking through, wandering
certain of a day you would leave
this place

and go, go so far away
to that perfect place
upscale breathes intake
to golden city lives
and open wary lights

soon, you wonder, why
friends taken by surprise
leave you, just to die
springly words, waving ties,
crimed and dusted bitter cries

this room it doesn’t fake
of lonely child days,
crashing mocha book-bound rains
they said, they spoke so loud
covered with smiled sounds
of a life bitter than the last

curving golden crafts
making simple tasks
ripping and tearing,
building and staring
into the mindful past

they helped you with the pain
silver haired and lame
you felt though all the same
a broken shuffle in the room
around your space with carapace

saved, from every grace,
they finally found your face
battered blues and greys
and in the room you lied alone,
waiting for the time undone

when they then repaired your body
you tasted all the strain
of snowy olden days, alleviated pain
all not meant for vain,
the story of your earned blame

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