"I Wanna Hear a Poem"

May 4, 2012
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I wanna hear a poem
about “we are the worlds” in the 3rd world nations,
how Africa suffers and struggles in pain each day,
how the Middle East is stained with the
blood of their ancestors, about how we all
are a 3rd world country.

I wanna hear
why people don’t live in peace,
why Kim Jong-un wants to be king of the world,
why America won its boxing match with Afghanistan,
and why Russia wanted a Nuke War.

I wanna hear a poem about civil rights
so we don’t repeat the past in the future.
I wanna hear how M.L.K broke the color
barrier, about how Rosa Parks went to jail
for sitting up for her rights.

I wanna hear a poem about the fight for religion,
How when people hear Atheism, Satanism
they forget and ignore the person. About how
The Vatican wants a world full of Christianity,
Yet religious wars that are soon come.

I wanna hear a poem
That attacks the Board of Ed.
how they force new standards on
their young, but leave us out of their idea.
How will we live with school with no Voice?

I wanna hear a poem
About how Kony tortures little kids,
how one man is invisible to the world?
About how Young people will turn Kony
Into the man for the world to know.

I wanna hear what 2012 is?
Is 2012 the end or the start of something
new. The world has months to choose
their role in the world before we
all take to the New World of Tomorrow.

I wanna hear a poem
a happy poem, a evil poem,
a I want to rule the world Poem, a
kill me now poem, a poem about
Kony, 2012, The Civil Rights.
I Just Wanna Listen
To Your Poem

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