I am me.

April 27, 2012
By Erika2015 GOLD, Monroeville, Pennsylvania
Erika2015 GOLD, Monroeville, Pennsylvania
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There are many words to describe me.
First there is mistake.
I wan an accident.
I was never meant to be here.
I scream for belonging
But i fit nowhere.
Second, miserable.
Anything i do causes misery.
When a word escapes my mouth
The world turns black.
Anything I touch, dies.
Sorrow and pain
Wraps around my neck.
Like a serpent.
It chokes me enough to suffer
But not enough to die.
It wants me to suffocate
I live the life of a life.
I hide because there is nowhere to go.
My life is a joke.
There is no meaning
Good wasn't meant for me.
Smiles are to never touch me.
Anger was sought for me.
Sorrow was always me.
Life is a game
And i quit.

The author's comments:
I was born an accident. For a while this was how i felt. But really, you are a gift. I realized that after i wrote the poem and after the world accepted me.

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