The Last Laugh

April 28, 2012
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Dark, colorless dreams fill her mind
tossing, turning
A single tear slides down her cheek
awaken by shattering glass
He's here...
She covers her face with her blanket
praying she's not seen
a small scream escapes her throat it's too late, he noticed
In two quick strides, he's at the foot of her bed
She tries to scream but she can't find her voice
a deep, muffled laugh echos through the room
what makes him think he can kill her now?
after all the times he has tried, hes never once succeeded, until now
Time seems frozen, she can't move or speak
an image of death comes to mind
her father's voice comes next
"It's okay, baby! He won't hurt you"
"He's bringing you to me"
next thing she knows, her bedroom is crumbling, crashing
The last thing she hears is that deep, muffled laugh

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