The Untold Secret

April 25, 2012
By will phillips BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
will phillips BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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The Untold Secret
What’s your untold secret?
You say I have none, but I know different.
That teenager boy over their;
The handsome one, the perfect specimen of perfectness!
Well… his Mother died, and he just wants to please his father.

What’s your untold secret?
“Why I’m happy in every way” you say, but your eyes betray
If the eye is the gateway to the soul; why do you only have two holes
Your eyes see the terrible thing that you are day after day
There is only one way to make you right. You should probably buy more knives.

What’s your untold secret?
“Nothing can be wrong when I have a body like this”, but your ribs tell the secret
Boys dream of your bulging breasts, your cherry red lips, and your fictionous figure.
But… your wet white tee-shirt tells your secret; I could see all 24 ribs.
That’s when I found out! Your after-meal activity is pitiful, and yet it makes you irresistible

What’s your untold secret?
You fooled me, miss, because your acting is unbelievable.
I saw you when you weren’t putting on a show; when your true emotions shined ho
I saw your eyes when Logan came in, I know your secret.
Tell me this. Is it considered rape if you are drugged?

What’s your untold secret?
“I don’t have a secret, I’m too rebellious for that”
Aren’t you a bad boy; danger is your muse, and sex is your toy.
I’ve noticed you have a bruises all over you, you say you were in a fight
I say that you should stop letting your daddy beat you, night after night

The author's comments:
Well I know the dark secrets about people they don't tell anyone else. I just know people deep down inside.

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