Generation Lost

May 14, 2012
By poeticnigerian SILVER, Houston, Texas
poeticnigerian SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Black is beautiful.

Look around and tell me if you see anyone different
Or Clones of the same brain washed people,
Taking actions without thoughts being afraid to be a leader and use their mind
Afraid to branch off, and be different to be unique one of a kind
Blind to the very thought of Originality
My Generation
I swear everywhere I go I see the same face the same people
Just following the everlasting circle of doom,
Just a bunch of followers all bunched up in a overflowing room,
Waiting in line, to take a ticket to practice the same overused trend
My Generation this is not how you started, is this how you want to end?
In my mother and Fathers generation
You didn’t see half the things we see in this world today
The girl who spreads her legs the fastest
Is granted the trophy of being the classiest
This is crazy
You virginity is like beautiful flowers don’t spread your legs and let the devil trample on your garden
I don’t understand how you can degrade yourself so much My Generation?
How can something to precious be lost to a man so useless?
I don’t understand the frame of thoughts you have let yourself fall into My Generation
Instead of being 16&pregnant in my parents’ generation it would 16&Dead
They understood that it the world would be Chaotic If you allowed a Child to bring a child into the world.
My Generation we are a…..
endless circle of repetition 16&Pregnant, 32& a Grandma
Don’t you see that your crippling yourself my generation?
Why is it that we over use and abuse the very same word that was seen as an insult to our Ancestors,
My Generation is weak
A generation of lost souls, looking for a leader to follow, walking in circles with know where to go
The strong stand alone, the strong are treated like they’re strange
Oh, my generation you have changed
As African Americans we are free, but nothing’s changed we are still the same
We have accepted the slaves mentality, the only difference between our ancestors and us is that we don’t walk around in chains
We allow ourselves to be looked down on My Generation
You allow the racist whites to say: “Yea we gave them their freedom, but they still haven’t changed
Their fate remains the same
Dr. King said he had a dream, but I can’t seem to wake myself up from this Nightmare
This could not have possibly have been what he had dreamed for us
How can you sit there and not take advantage of the things we use to not have my generation?
We over use and abuse the words that used to be insults to our ancestors
They fought so hard to remove the stigmintation from their name to be classified as a person, and accepted into this world
Only for our generation to accept the same curse
“What’s up my ___” “ ____ Please” “What you say my ____”
My Generation expand your vocabulary, do not allow yourself to be boxed into the same mentality
They can’t separate us, and they can’t hang us, or suppress us
My Generation, the main reason for death among us is US.
I have hope in you My Generation
Places back together the mastermind piece we have destroyed with are many years of ignorance
Ladies take back your pride’
Walk down the streets in the world with a strong stride
Realize that if a man cant respect your mind and your body he is not worthy enough to be by your side
Don’t not blame your children for your mistakes do not feed them lies
Be the strong mothers I know you can be, hold your children close, open their eyes and show them what the world could be
Children go back to your youthful pure ways, children shouldn’t have to experience adult things
God cannot dwell, in a defiled temple
Allow your body to be a place where God wants to stay
Men own up to responsibilities , stop abusing and using the very same women that help bring you into this world
Stand up for what is right, and don’t give up things that are worth keeping without a fight
My generation I pray one day you make things right.

The author's comments:
Its a motivational poem

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