May 13, 2012
By killathem BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
killathem BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
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I thought that you could change
Cheated on me yet again
I know you were this way
An yet I feel the pain
Why did I dare?
To give you another chance
It must be because I cared
And now I must push you away
But I must say
I love you
And that will never change

People come and people go,
But family will be there,
Through happiness or sadness,
Family will be there,
When everyone else vanishes,
Family will be there,
No matter when no matter where,
Family will be there,
So keep in touch with your family,
For family will always be there.

You where there when I was born,
Their when I got my first cat,
And there when I got my first hat,
There for my first heart break,
And there for when I graduate,
You have been around longer than anyone else,
I sometimes wonder why you stay around,
Must be because we have a special bound,
I love you mom,
And that’s all I have to say.
I welcome you as an old friend Death,
For we have met many times,
I have had a big clime,
And you have taken many people out of my life,
You have stabbed me in my soul with a knife,
This is the last time we shall meet,
Until it is my time to fade away,
You have taken all of family,
That’s all I have to say,
So until we meet again,
I shall have a big grin.


Lying can become a bad habit,
Because once you lie you must lie again to cover it up,
Then its turns into like a spider web,
You need to quit worrying about your rep,
And start being yourself,
You don’t have to change yourself drastically,
People will like you no matter your personality,
So just be you,
So you can do what you gotta do.

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