May 13, 2012
By Anonymous

Is this how the next 50 years would be?
Staring in silence, stirring coffee
The weather’s sure nice today
So desperate for a connection we ignore there’s no charge
So scared of being alone we squeeze the empty air
Should I end like my living room parents?
With their living room marriage
And their living room family?
Oh no, not me
I prefer my business in the bedroom
Behind doors they want open
But they themselves closed
A mad dash, a race
To where it doesn’t matter we have no words
For the bedroom is our common ground
Forget sports, forget politics
We watch baseball enough
The bedroom’s where it’s at
Play-husband, play-wife
We try on roles we wish the other wouldn’t fill
I cook you a meal
And you explain business to my poor female mind
How great, how eternal this love of ours is
Thoughts bound in my head, I want to explode
Sipping coffee, with nothing to say.

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