May 13, 2012
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It was my dream to become a star and leave past life far . . .
Behind! See my dreams weren't small they're gigantic.
Feeling blessed because i wouldn't be so frantic.
Singing "Life is what you make it"!
Well, I made it my best.
Livin' the "Good Life"
And forgetting the rest.
Because "Life is what you make it at least that's what they say"!
Well, I said I'ma have the Benjamin's and the Franklin's and I'ma give the Lincoln's to someone who needs it.
Because penny change, psssshh, I wou't even breath it.
My dreams were becoming reality more and more each day until I Lost sight of it all and it started fading away.
Yeah, I did a little bit of dis and a little bit of dat.
Tried separation, . . . . but came right back.
Yeah, I met a couple of dos and a couple of des.
Who went straight for the clothes and between the knees.
Who said "If I ain't got you" . . . . I can't breathe.
Stupid of me to believe because the were all lies, which turned into cries of pain as I lie in bed.
While dreams float through my head.
I think to myself this wasn't part of my dream.
Now ev-er-y-thing is crash-ing "Down Down Down Down Down".
My world is profound.
It seems as if I would exacerbate the situation.
I look back in my past life and see myself standing.
While everybody is excelling past life standards, I find myself weeping lonesome cries that encumber me to deny that what I did was wrong.
Singing my song "I-O-I-I-I'm soooooory".
Sorry that I was eva so stupid.
Thinking that I could fall in love with cupid.
Things got crossed and dreams were lost, but . . . . but still "I'm soooory".
But who says I can't dream again.
I'm the one that determines . . . . my fate.
But when I dreamed I neva saw a child or and upside down smile.
Yeah, it WAS my dream to become a star and leave past life far . . . .
Behind! You see my dreams were big, but to big for me.
So, good night because I'm bout to dram another one and hopefully this doesn't come undone.

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