Don't Worry Love, Your Time is Near

May 13, 2012
By itsgraacex3 GOLD, New York, New York
itsgraacex3 GOLD, New York, New York
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Beauty stands up small, but proud.

Thrilled to be in front of the applauding crowd.

Shadow stands right behind her.

Always reliable and quiet.

Beauty’s just a young girl and they’re the best of friends.

The wind whispers in Shadow’s ear,

“Don’t worry love,

your time is near.”

Beauty flourishes with years gone by,

Full of love and the will to defy.

Shadow’s still there in all her midnight blues,

So proud of her friend, so happy for her life.

Could she ever break away, stand just as tall?

The idea haunts in her sleep at night.

And dreams whisper in Shadows ear,

“Don’t worry love,

your time is near.”

Beauty’s reign grows,

As she counts the lovesick boys lined up in rows.

Shadow shrinks down with the absence of love.

Did truly deserve no one?

Tears glint across her cheeks in the darkness of night.

Desperate wishes spew from her trembling mouth.

And the stars whisper in Shadows ear,

“Don’t worry love,

your time is near.”

And there Beauty goes, trampling through romances like she’s playing a part.

Doesn’t she know all the Shadows out there just want one to start?

Shadow dwindles down, her hope more fragile than glass.

Anger consumes her, pulsates in her veins.

She finally stands, knees knocking, head reeling,

And challenges all the whispering spirits in her ears.

“When will my time finally come?

It’s been years and I’ve never meant anything to anyone!”

So when you see Shadow walking behind

A girl with a beautiful face,

Know that she is trapped, her body glued to the floor.

And she cries and she screams and she begs for a chance.

Stepped on, slept on, forgotten and alone.

Oh, how much easier it would be if hearts were made of stone.

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