Silver Nitrate Love

May 13, 2012
A burning love for a girl like you causes me
To forget about the world offering hate.
My heart opens up only just to free
A love that burns like Ag-Nitrate.

Thinking daily about our future’s track.
On your hand, a gold ring, and with a gem, maybe.
Not copper for, with us, it would merely turn black

Because, this is silver nitrate love baby.

I possess a fiery burning passion for you sweetheart,
Ever since way before our very first, perfect date.
Imperfections make me love you off the chart,
Growing with a love that burns like Ag-Nitrate.

The thought of losing you turns my heart into lead.

To me, ingesting arsenic would be a better demise.
Luckily titanium chains bound us as we wed
Because, my love, Silver Nitrate Love never dies

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