The Boogeyman

May 13, 2012
By ScreamsOfSanity BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
ScreamsOfSanity BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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A smile gleams in moonlight after everyone's asleep,
Monsters in closets lurk and creep to dim lit streets,
Smiles shatter and screeches erupt from the alleyways,
Are you afraid of the dark -
nights I remember we were walking around
The city's alive now, the city will thrive.
People pulse in and out of little shops on the corner,
Where you meet new people, awake and alive -
but dying at the same time as my heart thumps.
It could stop any day now, I know it could.
It happened to her, an innocent girl shot last week.
The only one dead, too. A young girl in love -
is a crazy thing I may never fully understand.
Is it true? You wonder to yourself on those sleepless nights,
This four letter word. so powerful yet, so weak.
Be true and tell them, be heard; be loud -
bang! and things fall around outside my window,
The monsters are out again, hunting for food,
I never believed in it until I saw his eyes,
All nine of them and those terrifying claws.

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