Through the Opened Door

May 13, 2012
Travel to a brand new world
Walk through the opened door,
And lock it fast behind you

Toss the key to a rushing river
Explore a place unknown to others.
Climb a tree
Cross the bridge
Run across a flowered meadow.

Disappear in this new place,
Lose yourself and lose the door,
Forget the door was ever there

Watch snowflakes fall
As the sun shines bright,
The sky a blissful blue.
Smell a rose of cherry blossoms
Make friends of all the mice

One day years from now
You’ll sit upon a rock.
You’ll watch a dance of butterflies
And perhaps you will recall

A distant time and faraway place,
Something small and silver.
Or was it tall and wooden?
It really doesn’t matter now,
But now it keeps on nagging

There was water rushing fast
It all was washed away.
Surely then it’s unimportant,
If it weren’t you would have saved it

So on you sit and watch the dance
The sun begins to set.
The nagging grows and slackens
Like your vast and purple ocean.

It causes you to wander
This always quiet, peaceful place
In hopes you’ll find an answer

After days of wandering aimlessly
You’ll wander past a door
A lonely wooden door,
Locked fast and with no key

You’ll smile without knowing why
And wipe away a straying tear.
Then continue on your way,
Marveling at how beautiful
A strange old door can be.

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