No, no not me!!

April 22, 2012
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As you rush to the door
you can't help but notice
the things lying on the floor
one more time, one more string, on more "i won't drag you down with me"
but you've had enough, but enough is not enough, you've trusted in everything, but all that trust was a flat out nothing. You won't come back you tell yourself." I'm better off with someone else", but you stay frozen and the door won't open and you glance around as if it's your last chance, and their he is right behind your eyes, you turn around and what you find......... Nothing!!! "it's all in my head" you yell, "but i swear i saw him, I swear to hell" you say. No one can hear you you're all alone, he's practically near you. he's got you all alone. you're trapped, there is no way out. . "damn i should of left, I should of left no doubt" but it's too late, he's got you cornered. He's ready for murder, "you've played the fool now, there is no way out" he repeatedly says as he gets the knife out. You scream "please, please no not me" He looks as if there is almost a grin on his face, he laughs and say " well baby, it's too late". As he approaches, you move your head " he says silly girl tricks are for kids". and grabs the cereal box from her hands.

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