Lost in Translation

May 11, 2012
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I sat there in my heartache
Feeling like I was

Why I was alone?
Waiting to be thrust and lost inside a maze,
A foggy, creepy place and eyes glazed.

In a bottle I slipped a piece of parchment,
Writing in blood, waiting for someone to find it.
Inside I spelled out my sorrows,
I’d seal it and throw it into the shallows,
Waiting to be swallowed by the sea.

Shine a little light on my life I pleaded,
So I waited and waited.
Endless nights floating on my back in the sand,
The stars seemed to be drunkenly dancing.

My lips grew cracked and hair matted with kelp,
My clothes eaten at by the acidic water.
Skin peeling and burnt a cheeky pink,
Skeleton frame harsh against the beauty of the sea.

On the eve of a rainy day,
Alone I laid,
And a small canoe perched itself upon the sand.
A man in black with a white collar,
“Hurry child!” he hollered.
My eyelids fluttered but I did not move.
“With the power of Christ I shall heal you!”
He held up my letter,
The blood a dull and ugly brown.

I gave him a sad smile
And returned my gaze to the center of the sun.
Within minutes he gave up and left and threw my letter back into the sea.

A year later a fancy yacht floated in the shallows
As a dashing man fought a small current to walk to land.
“I found your letter! I’ve come to give you these!”
He slowly approached my body and gingerly
Placed pink pills in my open hand
As I laid still on my back in the sand.
“Twice a day, have a good day miss.”
And with that he left.

My letter was not thrown back into the sea,
But a month later I awoke to a panting sound.
I turned my head to find a prune skinned figure
Gasping for air in the beach.

Long black hair covered his eyes and ears,
A pale gangly body shaking covered in barnacles.
I recognized his face from many lifetimes ago.

He made his way over to me and grasped my hand,
“I’ve been here before; I know the way out,
Follow me.”

With that we both crawled back into the ocean,
Together we battled krakens from the sea and
Tantalizing sirens.
He knew that I need a friend,
Not a priest or a doctor,
But I friend who had been stranded on the island before.

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