Behind locked doors

May 11, 2012
By djSweetblood BRONZE, Barry, Illinois
djSweetblood BRONZE, Barry, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
if U can't love me for me then don't judge my choices for this is me and this is who i will always be

the gentle stream of water
mixes with her tears
She tries to wash away her fears.
The sadness and the pain
it leaves nothing to gain
water cascades down her body
mixing salty tears with steamy water
Behind locked doors the social butterfly cries
a pasted smile lines her pink lips.
her butane blue eyes tell the truth
the pain of being almost popular is a sleuth
during school she's a perfect child
straight A student homecoming queen after school though is another thing
she's only happy in public
but she's always sad behind locked doors
in the light its one thing but behind locked doors its another

The author's comments:
this is one of the poems about the real me

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