The Devil

May 11, 2012
By daoriginalchef BRONZE, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
daoriginalchef BRONZE, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
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The Devil:
The devil is an inherently evil creature,
He is out to destroy Christians and deface God’s Scripture
He has been on earth since before humans,
He will not stop until humanity is in ruin,
His goal is to drag all men with him into hell,
So he can feast on our souls while we rot in a cell,
He always craving, always hungry,
He will stop at nothing to have us,
And still he will be hungry,
He is always planning, always scheming,
To cause us pain, he likes our screaming,
He has been behind every war, battle, fight, and skirmish,
It pleasures him to watch the carnage,
He loves to watch lying, lusting and everything else that Christ finds spiritually disgusting,
He is a master at deception,
Us naïve humans, we are far too trusting,
We “follow our heart”, and “do what feels right”,
Never knowing that our heart is evil, and our feelings corrupted,
For our bodies are weak, easily controlled,
But in our spirits lie powerful, strongholds,
The devil knows this, so what does he do?,
He uses our body to attack our spirit,
O he is so clever, that spineless worm,
He attacks us at every turn,
He tempts our weak body to do sinful things,
Then has us hating ourselves for doing the sinful deed,
He warps our thinking, slowly destroys our ability to judge wrong from right,
Makes us hate good and love evil, so wrong feels right,
It is easy for him, though we fight with all our might,
We are born into a struggle, wrong or right,
Our Spirit is good, it wants to do right
But our bodies have an inherent love for evil,
We are a confused people,
We have been ever since Adam took that fatal bite,
Our body is our fatal weakness, our Achilles heel,
With it the devil makes us suffer, he makes us kneel,
But let me tell you he has a weakness, a fatal flaw
So let me tell you them, to aid you, so you do not fall,
He hates scripture with all his might,
It is his poison, his kryptonite,
Just hearing it mentioned makes his head feel light,
Hearing it spoken puts him to flight,
So when you’re being attacked, and you need a hand, just say a verse,
One related to the struggle at hand,
If you do I guarantee, he will flee,
So next time you’re in a tiff,
just say a bible verse and he will be gone in a jiff,

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