May 11, 2012
By Lizzanga BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
Lizzanga BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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It’s dark and crowded, I can’t see.
Do you need a flashlight, sheet music, or me?
One question at a time if you would be so kind;
I have a million things running through my mind.
If it’s out of tune go see her.
If it needs a repair then get a transfer.
You’re up in five minutes so get prepared;
You’ve practiced a million times so don’t be scared.
Why does the left front center light not work?
Can someone turn on the back up before I go berserk!
The head set is fuzzy, what did you say?
Oh shush your complaints are whiny and cliché.
That’s the wrong entrance go to the other side.
Watch your step before we collide!
I seem a little stressed for being in grade ten
But a stage manager is the life I choose every now and again.

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