May 11, 2012
By Nicole Brown SILVER, Houston, Texas
Nicole Brown SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Alone, so before God I Go
I have to, I look beside me and no faces show
I open my eyes and I can see my sister
My mother, for all intents and purposes, I missed her
God has called home some angels, one was my best friend
So I try my best to please others while I’m missing these two twins
Who were suppose to be my brothers
God needed them for a special purpose
Who am I left with?
I look at my mother she is worthless
I know not to question God, but the path can hurt us
Mom how can you choose a substance over your own skin?
You are weak minded to me
See I’m not falling in
Thank you mom, you are a part of the woman I am today
Never was I that child that could go out and play
For my sister, I live
For myself, I survive
At times I feel alone, and all I want to feel is loved

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