They Don't See

May 11, 2012
By Nicole Brown SILVER, Houston, Texas
Nicole Brown SILVER, Houston, Texas
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She always sits in the back of the class
Trying hard not to be everyone’s laugh
They constantly tease her about her stained clothes, foul odor and greasy hair
As she walks down the hallway the kids point, laugh and stare
If only they knew what the inside of a shelter felt like
As she gets acquainted with those sounds every night
Not having money for food
Free lunch?
Well that’s rude
She wishes that these kids would change their attitudes
They see the same tattered clothes but she doesn’t see new shoes
It’s sad because a child’s place should not have these issues
She does but they don’t
See from her vantage, they won’t
Because see they have both their mommy’s and daddy’s
All their bells, whistles and their Caddies
And all she has is those same tattered clothes that she loves madly

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