Unexpected Present

May 11, 2012
By Ltbaker2 SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
Ltbaker2 SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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For my birthday I was given something.
A present I didn’t except to get.
I didn’t tell anyone because of their reactions.
Now I’m stuck because I already opened it.
Its tomorrow satisfactions.
I walk the same path but have on different shoes.
No one knows what my present is
They have no clues.
Well now I told my present.
It was a burner.
I’m burned.
Burned so deep it’s leaves my arm with a black scar.
The scar is so permanent yet the skin peels off.
It just sits in me.
How I am supposed to feel with a burned scar.
It’s so deep it touches my bone.
It flows so smooth I can feel it through my blood.

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