The Misunderstood Man

May 11, 2012
By Nicole Brown SILVER, Houston, Texas
Nicole Brown SILVER, Houston, Texas
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He sits there and decreases his health
They say he does it just because he has the wealth
But that’s what they think
As he sits there and just drinks
What’s wrong with him?
Only thing he can think about is what was wrong with them?
People looking from the outside don’t understand
Because their perception of him is that he’s, the man
He has everything anybody could ever want
Money, cars, clothes, women and everything else he flaunts
But no, he’s still missing something
He just wants one thing
Those are answers
He takes another gulp, pardon his manners
All these questions evolve in his head
As he sits and just lays in his California King size bed
He feels something wet slowly drop down his face
His heart begun to pick up its pace
His mind continues to form questions
Like why all the abuse?
Was I born to just simply amuse?
Why did they abandon me?
They left me and just flee
Why don’t they love me?
How could parents treat their child the way my parent’s treated me?
He began to silently cry into his pillow
Still looking for answers
And still drinking the pain away

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