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May 10, 2012
By SrDeVine GOLD, Sacramento, California
SrDeVine GOLD, Sacramento, California
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With 10 minutes hellos and 40 minute goodbyes
I observe the constellations of freckles
On your body
And wonder if this imprint on my mind
Will become Orion’s belt
And a pathology of rhyme

Who, in this moment, could ask for more?
Desiring every squeeze and drop
Of milks splendor
But I replay moments in the dark
And with every sensation among
These feelings of envy
As honey drips from my tongue to lend me
Sweet goodbyes
And hot hellos
That still leave me lonely
And I fight and cry and scream
At the darkness
Yet it seems as though this sadness
Zips itself up stronger and I pull down to interrupt
This goodbye
So it lasts just that much longer
And that what I need
To feed this hunger for you

Is time

That zips itself up
It’s going to come between us
And now you’re going to leave
Yet you cry and scream
And resist the loneliness to come

You cry in my arms wanting to be just that much more of me
But every love I turn into a metaphor
Promises a longing that will break us even more
Yet, you’re not the only one losing a love
So with a 10 minute hello and a 40 minute goodbye
I’ll kiss around your eyes
And stroke the skin of your skies
And take you into my being
And I hope you’ll eventually come to see
How much of our precious time
Will always be a part of me,
Despite the hellos, the goodbyes, the rhyme

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