Love is My Religion

May 9, 2012
By ThetrueGuy509 GOLD, Dorchester, Massachusetts
ThetrueGuy509 GOLD, Dorchester, Massachusetts
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Love is my religion
It spiritually wraps my soul.
I was raised and baptized a Christian,
but when I grew up and could make my own decision of religion, I chose LOVE.
My mom, and dad thought I was being rebellious when I stopped showing up to the Baptist Church; which I frequented until I shifted to love as my main belief.
Love is my religion,
It does not matter which superhuman spirit you worship;
Or religion you associate yourself with.
I chose love, because it's the foundation of every religion; I suppose.
You can take it, or leave it,
You don't have to believe it
Love is what I take pride in preaching,
and I don't have any problem if I am hated for the practice of altruism.

The author's comments:
Music is one of the things I like to listen to, and mostly the lyrics. I wrote that piece after I listened to Ziggy Marley's version of "Love is My Religion", and I suddenly realized that love is a Religion.

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