Crying Man

May 3, 2012
By TAM_66 SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
TAM_66 SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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Old man, why do you cry

I cry because I have no soul to bear,

No time to live....or share the moment

That i wish i could get back

I cry because I lost my sight of life

I cry because I've never been able to live my beautiful life,

Nor did I give all my might...

I cry because I've lost my sight of life

Since I know I will soon see the afterlife,

I cry my tears of sorrow and pain, but either way

It comes, I still feel the pain

They say crying cleanses the soul,

But have they ever dug a hole so deep,

That you could never go back

As a matter of fact have you ever done something so wrong,

That your soul burns when you sleep,

Burns so much that you could never fall asleep

I cry because these are my last hours on Earth,

To feel its rich soil and talk to mother Earth,

I will soon fall asleep and never wake up, and meet Jesus

My heart grows weary and is beating slower and slower,

I will cry and cry because I'm so sober,

I just wish I had one last time to tell her I love you

Now as i lay here and cry before i did, I want to repent on any

evil I've done to anyone...

It seems my time has come, as my heart beats even slower,

My eyes grow weary and my body starts to shiver,

My last tear is finally delivered...

The flat line buzzed, louder than normal

Another soul is lost in the clouds, but you could still hear

the old man's voice,

laughing and singing in the clouds

His regrets have disappeared so have his sins and past lives,

but some days people say they still hear that old man cry

because his soul never died

Before the old man was deceased his last words will leave us in grief

"Cherish your life, and live in peace but don't ever live your

life in pain and sorrow or you will eventually end up like me"

may your soul rest in peace...

The author's comments:
Cherish the life you live

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