Fire Vs. Water

May 3, 2012
By CoryM BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
CoryM BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:

Mighty of waters

King and higher stance

Father of the beast

Ruler of oceans.

Eyes of hurricanes

The heart of the storms

………there is one stronger

Heat versus coolness

Our daily heating

Made of total flames

Stronger than the king,

King of the waters.

Although he is king,

He is weak under,

One that is higher

The author's comments:

In this poem, I experimented with meter. As you would notice, there are 5 beats in each line. This poem I wrote is supposed to be an allusion to the Odyssey. The character I am alluding is Poseidon. I was comparing power to power. Specifically, Poseidon to the sun. The shift in this poem is how Poseidon’s royalty is greatly approved in his domain, but as a more powerful and essential source on earth, the sun overpowers Poseidon. The literary device I used the most in this poem was metaphor. I was comparing a human to an object. But I talked about the sun as if it were a person that is more powerful than Poseidon.

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