A Snow Day Adventure

May 3, 2012
By M_Nolan SILVER, Bennington, Nebraska
M_Nolan SILVER, Bennington, Nebraska
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Hear, hear muse of boredom and play
Assist me getting this retelling underway
I need your help in telling the story of three
Who were cooped up inside with no glee
For the question I pose is what to do on a
Snowing, cold and dreary winter’s day.

These two children and their mother
Learn to go a day while with one another
Eager to go to school to learn
This day holds events with an amusing turn

I beg you, muse to help me retell
The story of three whose house was a cell
Wanting to make plans so as to not go astray
This is the story of a snow day.

As the sisters lay in their rooms, side by side,
Their mom came to wake them for school.
The girls awoke and lumbered out of bed
To the kitchen they went
They sat taking about their dreams at the table
Their mother gave their breakfast to them
And said “Girls, let’s turn on the TV.
I want to watch for closings because
Outside it seems to be snowy.”

She turned on the news and looked at closings and delays
And there appeared her children’s school,
Much to her dismay.

The girls were beaming with smiles
But their mother’s face was longer than A million miles.
“I have no more days off from work.
What am I to do?
She must stay home with her lovely two.

The Family
These girls were twins who were 11 years old
And afraid to nothing, they were very bold.
Their names were Clara and Sarah
These twins were the children of Tara,
A renowned doctor, who was unstoppable.

Tara was the President of the community hospital.
Her beauty was like a bright red rose, so delicate and striking.
As a rose sits so daintily with nothing to do, she too sat in deep thought.
She was gorgeous and one could say that Aphrodite was on her side
Nonetheless she had children, and they were her joy and pride.

The mother and girls sat, planning what to do,
Until one of them came up with a break through.
Sarah said “Paint!” and Clara shouted “NO!”
Tara said “Woah!”
Again they sat waiting for ideas
Until Tara said “Hey! Let’s play a board game

So there all three went to the shelf with the games
And again there were so many choices, with many names.
They decided on a friendly game of Monopoly.
The girls traded and bartered and waited
Until the snow storm seem to have abated.
What they didn’t know was that this break was the calm before the storm.
They went to the window and looked about.
Then the lights flick-flicker-flickered right out.

Their mother ran in, wondering if everything was okay
And the girls responded “Yes but now we can’t play!”
It was still early morning and not yet bright
So they whined in the dark without any light.

The girls and their mother huddled for warmth.
They found as many blankets as they could and even got the dog involved.
After a while, it still wasn’t getting light,
So they prayed to Apollo to have mercy.
He might.

Wanting Warmth
Although there was no light,
They went for some candles to brighten their sight.
They found all the candles and lit the fireplace too,
But Hephaestus had none of it and blew the fire out
With a mighty breath he blew

And with that the fire went out.
The three sat and waited for the god to respond the their plea
“Please let us have fire, we’ll so anything for thee.”

Hephaestus was in search of his magical lighter.
So he sent them to the Underworld to find what he called his “mighty-lighty.”

The Underworld: A “Deadly Trip”
Little did the women know that this
Underworld wasn’t traditional
The powerful God said he would guide them, no need to worry,
For the snow had let up to just a little flurry.

So they ventured outside
They continued to walk, occasionally stopping along the way.
Tara knew were they were, for she went this way to work.
She didn’t know where they were going to she asked the god,
But all he really did was give a little smirk.

They ended up in a place familiar to the girls,
A place filled with giggles and children with curls.
They were at the school.
The place where the children wanted to be.
However, they didn’t want to be there under conditions such as those.

The god twisted a smile to turn into three frowns,
And Tara asked why
And he pointed to his crown.
He told them to dig through the banks
And so they obliged, but the god never said thanks.
The banks were like mighty mountains of marshmallow fluff
A little is fun to play in but too much is never fun.
These never ending peaks of white fluffy material seemed perpetual.

They found his mighty-lighty under five feet of snow,
And the god finally said, “You know…
I will give you a ride home for all your hard work,
For the warmth of my heart is just a small perk.

So they got in his rig and away they drove to their house,
Only to get there to find things had been aroused.

The Pipe of Doom
They went home and waited
And what was to happen is something they hated.

All of a sudden, with still no light
Thy three of them hear water gushing.
So they went to the basement to see what it was,
And before their eyes the pipe had burst,
And it seemed like nothing would go alright.

Niagara Falls was pouring from over head
The Three’s patience was hanging from a thread.
They could bare no more and so they prayed to Poseidon.
The God of the Sea must also be able to help them with a minor leaky pipe.
And maybe he could talk to Apollo about bringing out the sun.

So they called out to the God, praying for a sign.
And with the jab of a tine of his mighty trident,
The almighty deity appeared.
He was in a mood of sorts
He didn’t want to help,
But good things he has a knack for sports.
He told them under one condition would he help.
The girls must teach him how to sled.

The problem that no one foresaw was that
There was no sled large enough for someone so huge.
So with that he changed his mind.
“Instead of sledding, you will endure a challenge.
You must build a snowman identical to me.”
And the children cried, “But Poseidon that’s crazy.”
He said “Farewell my small children I’ll be back in an hour.”

So the girls got to work, picture in hand,
Trying to build a snowman, so grand.
With a carrot for nose and buttons for eyes
This was a sight the god surely couldn’t despise.
Tara came out to see hot to help
But looking at the sight, all she could do was yelp.

These two small children accomplished quite a feat
And here came the god, ready to greet.

“My girls that’s fantastic
And for your work I thank you.”
And with a KAPLOO
The pipe went back
And giving her thanks Tara was taken aback.

Power is Restored
The three women went back inside and saw
The lights had returned
The sun was peaking out from behind the cloud
The girls and their mother had saved the day
And event the gods were proud.

The three girls were at home and safely in bed.
For this day was truly unique.
This day was like a snowflake, indicated and one of a kind,
But theses three girls didn’t really mind.

And the mother went in to wake up the girls.
“Mom! Is today a snow day?” asked Clara
“Mother I had the strangest dream.” said Sarah.
“Yes Clara and Oh really, Sarah, what was it about?” asked Tara.

Little did they know the day of their dreams had yet to take place
But They are capable of doing that at their own pace.
This day was a dream that all three of them shared,
But neither Tara nor Sarah or Clara really cared.
It was a true and as fresh as the snow outside
And on this snow day, to their dream they would abide.

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