Behind pulled Curtains

May 3, 2012
By Anonymous

Behind pulled curtains
Is where the truth of it all
Lays, just beyond sight
You try to hide it all away
But it pulses and pushes
Looking for a way out

Behind pulled curtains
You sit with arms pulled
Tight, keeping the pieces together
While the puzzle distorts
Crumbling like stones from a mountain

Behind pulled curtains
Is the only place you hide yourself
Away, the place where you can cry
Your tears join the company of other drops
Running down your skin
Removing all sin

Behind pulled curtains
You see yourself for what you are
Nothing, complain and complain
Yet you stop all action
Before it can even ever begin

Behind pulled curtains
Is the place where two bodies
Mix, the world’s and your own
Flowing together in a brief
Sacred act

Behind pulled curtains
You release all hate and all
Love, knowing when you leave
The avalanche moves back
Piece by piece attach to their home

Behind pulled curtains
You crumble yet as rise and
Realize, that you are stronger
And all action will initiate
If you can just stop the avalanche
When you are hiding away
Behind pulled curtains

The author's comments:
This poem reflects the unseen significance of a good shower!

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