Simply Chaos

May 3, 2012
By MBentley2013 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
MBentley2013 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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Everything seems simple at first.
Two plus two will always simply equal four.
But, as time progresses simple turns into chaos.

The twos now have letters by their side.
Those letters gain fractions.
And, the simplicity is now "not so simple".

The twos and their partial letters, meet up with parentheses.
Who always travel with P.E.M.D.A.S.
Now...Twos have been exposed to exponents.

Exponents face off with roots
And roots love decimals
So, the "not so simple", simple problem turns into a complex simple problem.

The twos and friends are introduced to imaginary numbers,
Who are pals with logarithms,
And everyone knows logs never go anywhere without asymptotes.

Those asymptotes are accompanied by graphs
Which have letters, but letters with a different meaning,
And those letters stand for numbers which never end.

Suddenly, two plus two is now two x squared time the square root of y divided by the quantity of two z plus one-half log of two time the imaginary number I added to two. And a "not so simple" complex simple problem grew into chaos.

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