A Trumpets Reflection

May 3, 2012
By Anonymous

I am shiny and bright
My copper shines in the light
I can be loud
And play notes as high as the clouds
I'm a simple three-valve instrument
But when I’m played well
I get compliments
Like “that's just swell”
My body is nothing but a maze of tubes
Yet again with the right person my sound can soothe
Yes, I can be loud and bother
But I can be used in a song for lovers
Or I can perform in front of mothers
I may be small in the front
But I am wide and large at the end
I know my bell is a blunt
But hey, what can I say
I’m just a tube, bent
I sound truly magnificent when played right
And when I am, I really get peoples attention
Because I know I'm a sight
So let my music be mentioned

The author's comments:
I was in bed one night and thinking to myself "What if a trumpet had a brain and what would it say?"

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